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When Arnold Nutrition announces a new product introduction, particularly a new thermogenic weight-loss innovation, the industry takes notice. Why? Because the competition wants to know where thermogenic science is going, where the cutting edge is going to be three and five years from now.

LipocutX Hardcore™ represents such a significant leap forward in this category that other companies looking to catch up to Arnold Nutrition can forget it. Arnold Nutrition has moved the goalposts again. While most companies are still trying to put new marketing spins on dated technologies such as HCA, Hoodia, and other less-than-exciting ingredients, Arnold Nutriton has literally moved light years ahead with a truly cutting-edge new technology.

Arnold Nutrition’s new LipocutX Hardcore™ contains a proprietary matrix of ultra-bioactive, premium-grade energy factors combined with a primary weight-loss technology that has generated some of the most remarkable results ever seen in this category.

And at the same time, something that hard-training athletes will really appreciate is LipocutX Hardcore™’ incredible energy rush. This is truly unlike anything we’ve tried before. Literally within minutes of the first dose, you feel totally supercharged and ready to tear up the gym. Arnold Nutrition has hit a grand slam with this new thermogenic powerhouse. LipocutX Hardcore™ is clearly their best product yet — hands down!